French and Women Delegations Speak at Free Iran Gathering in Paris

The French delegation, which included the mayor of Villepinte, D. Lefevre, Alain Néry, and Michèle de Vau Covler, offered welcome to the individuals who gathered to support the Iranian resistance. The mayor of the town where the gathering was held offered welcome to Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

Other members of the delegation pointed out the human rights violations in Iran, and noted that France supported human rights. One speaker noted that a French-Iran relationship is only possible if Iran addressed its human rights abuses. They also noted their concern about the missile program and how it is impacting the region in a negative fashion.

Overall, the delegation gave support for the resistance and supported the efforts to create real change in Iran. They also noted Rajavi and her efforts to bring about democracy in Iran.

“Dear leader, we are gathered together again today…that brings up the values of democracy and freedom. We support a free Iran,” said Néry. “We have committed to their cause.” They also encouraged the resistance to keep fighting for democracy and freedom.

“You are here to support the noble cause of a free Iran,” said de Vau Covler. She also noted that extremism is threatening our unity, values, and brotherhood. It is a “worldwide fight”. There will be no peace, she noted, while human rights continued to be oppressed. She also noted the high level of executions in Iran, as noted by Amnesty International’s 2016 report.

“We cannot let this theocracy prosper on such a land,” said de Vau Covler. “We should help them to resist and reject this dictatorship.” She noted that Europe is supportive of their fight for freedom, democracy, and human rights. “It is our business,” noted de Vau Covler.

The women delegation, led by Ranjan Kumari from India, opened her remarks by sharing their support for the Iranian resistance. “Under the leadership of Madame Rajavi, they can and must bring freedom to Iran,” said Kumari. She also noted the efforts and progress made to bring equality to men and women within this movement, particularly against fundamentalism. She acknowledged the generation of strong women leaders that are part of the movement.

“This movement is prepared to launch democratic change in Iran. You are almost there,” said Kumari. “Women have competently led this movement toward freedom and genuine democracy…Your victory will be a victory for all women.”

Both delegations offered support from their various groups, sending a strong message of support for the rights of the Iranian people, including the women within Iran.

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