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Iran-Tehran: IRGC’s Caspian institution plunders people prompting demonstrations in various cities

On May 22 people plundered by  state-controlled Caspian fraudulent institution belonging to the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC)  started demonstrations which have so far taken a more  mass scale.

So far the protests have spread to many cities including Tehran, Abadan Mashhad, Ahvas, Khoramshahr, Boushehr, Zahedan, , Omidieh, Rasht, Aligoudarz, Ardebil, Azna, Alashtar Rafsanjan, Shoush, Gorgan, Babol, Sari, Amol, Hamadan, Yassouj, Mahallat Doroud, Khorramabad, Minoodasht, Nahavand, Boroujerd, Ilam, Delfan Kermanshah, Sousangerd, Mehran, Dehloran,  Ramhormoz and Kouhdasht.

The distraught protesters are demanding for return of their deposits, the result of many years of work merciless plundered by the corrupt, state-run financial institution. The instituting took all what they had

On May 29, security forces out to suppress the demonstrations clashed with the thousands people who were demonstrating outside the Central Bank (locally known as Bank Markazi). But the angry people blocked Mirdamad Ave and broke windows of the bank’s northern door chanting:

 “Incompetent government, shame, shame!”, “It is a mourning day today, our deposits are gone”, “Down with Saif [who is the head of Bank Markazi], “Caspian institution has stolen, Bank Markazi has supported the looting”.

Unlike in the demonstrations, women had a significant presence in these demonstrations.

On May 28, plundered people staged more protest gatherings in various cities of Khouzestan province, such as Ahvaz, Omidieh, Shoushtar, Shoush and Izeh, and also in the cities of Arak Khorramabad, Delfan and Boushehr demanding for return of their plundered deposits.

Protesters blocked Ahvaz-Shoush road in Ahvaz; blocked Alavi and Enghelab avenues and Bank intersection in Khorramabad. They later on surrounded the governor’s building intending to enter the building but were repulsed by by anti-riot forces.

Later on, they went toward Bank intersection while chanting “Death to the Governor” where some of plundered people broke Arman cooperation branch windows.

Protest gatherings continued in, Nourabad, Aligoudarz, Alashtar, Azna, Boroujerd etc.

On May 27th, plundered people in Babol chanted: “incompetent manager, resign, resign!” referring to the head of the Central Bank.

They went on: “You the financially corrupt gave the permission”, “this is corruption nest, Saif has given permission”, “Down with Caspian”.

Among other protests against IRGC’s Caspian institution, the regime’s plundering organ during recent days were held in Ardabil with the slogan “Is this Bank Markazi, or theft center?” and protest in Gorgan with the slogan “Don’t scare, don’t scare, we are all together”.

There were also demonstrations by hundreds of people and youths of Nourabad who burned tires and placed obstacles in front of Arman institution where they successfully got into the branch in Kiu and jailed its head.

There was al another protest by the people of Shoush.

In response to these anti-plundering protests, the deputy head of Bank Markazi, Farshad Haidari, who had issued permit for all plundering, admitted to plundering by the institutions.

 “Some credit institutions…commit violations such as formal deal, distortion and paying unreal interest rates,” he said.

He then exonerated himself and the bank of any blame. He said: “I advise the people to avoid putting any deposits in these institutions; otherwise they are responsible for any problem in their financial resources and deposits.”

“Big powers back these financial and credit institutions; powers who can even change the decisions of Money and Credit Council if needed.” Ahmad Hatami, another regime’s agent, admitted,

Currently theft, corruption, plundering and looting the assets of deprived people has become an integral part of the mullahs’ medieval regime. This seemingly deep-rooted corruption, theft and crime cycle will only come to its painful end through overthrow of the mullahs’ regime.

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