Iran’s Human Rights Bulleting

Prisoner Hanged in a Prison in Ardabil

On the 22nd of May a prisoner was actively transferred to a solitary confinement in the Central Ardabil Prison in order to get executed. Identified as a 50 year old Davar Hamdard, married with children, he took the place of his wife after she was arrested. He confessed to carrying a little less than a kilogram of drugs.


One prisoner subjected to mock execution while another one is hanged in Zahedan Prison

On the 23rd of May, a prisoner was effectively hanged in the Central Prison of Zahedan. He was the 30-year old Abdulkarim Shahnavazi. Another man, Saied Hood, was also transferred for execution. He was taken for the gallows with the friend while the rope was put around his neck. After that, however, he was put back in his room, informed that he would be hanged after 40 days.

333% More prisoners in 30 years

The head of the Prison Organizations – Ashghar Jahangir came out with an announcement about the conditions in prisons. He said that the population of the country increased to about 80 million but the penal population of the prisoners is absolutely not compatible with this population. The prisoners don’t have to capacity for the current population. Back in 1979, the country has had a population of 37 million and 8,557 prisoners and in 2016 there are 223,000 prisoners while the population is 78 million. This shows that the growth is absolutely non-simetric and to be considered.

Soccer Player Suspended after wife’s pics on social media

The SFMC (Soccer Federation’s Moral Committee) suspended Mohsen Frouzan from his post as a goalkeeper because his wife had put up pictures on social media, disobeying the laws of the Sharia. He has one week to protest the decision.

Man with burnt body homeless on the streets

There was a recent release of a video which was posted on social media about a man who has had his body burnt and sleeps under a bridge in Qaemshahr. He got burnt by a fire he lit in order to warm himself. He was forced out of the hospital as he did not have any money to pay. He is in critical conditions and he sleeps on the ground without any facilities.

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