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Execution of juveniles, Iran’s disregards for children’s rights

disreagard-child-rights-300x200.jpgIran has managed to show absolute disregard for the rights of children by effectively executing a man arrested for a crime when he was 16 years old. This violates International Human Rights law according to Amnesty International. The man who was executed in public was actually arrested 30 years ago and he was executed at the Central Prison near Tehran on the 23rd of May 2017.

The country is moving away from the repeated claims to the EU and the UN from the use of the death penalty against offenders who are juvenile. It is particularly appalling that 20 years after ratifying the Convention on the Rights of the Child the country keeps on displaying the disregard of this kind. This was said by Philip Luther who is the Director of Amnesty International’s Research and Advocacy for North Africa and Middle East.

He also said that this is the third execution of this particular year for someone who was arrested as a child in the country.

Iran is one of the last countries in the entire world which is actually executing juvenile offenders. Laws governing International Human Rights absolutely condemn acts of the kind and that’s something that you should consider. The organization opposes all of the penalties throughout all the time regardless of the person who is being accused. The organization also called on all of the countries which use this particular type of penalty to establish official moratoriums on the executions which a manner of getting rid of it.

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