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Rouhani Lays Out Plans for Second Term, Including Militant Stance

President Hassan Rouhani is already back to work after being elected for a second term. Two days after the election, he held a press conference outlining his pledges for the upcoming four years.

One of the first things he noted was that the mullahs’ regime will continue their militant efforts in the region, adding that Iran had troops on the ground in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, as well as their efforts to fight terrorism in the region.

“Iran has and will support these through its diplomats and military advisors,” said Rouhani. “The Iranians and Russians fought against terrorism alongside the Syrians and the Iraqis. Who continues to fund the terrorists? The U.S. government has never fought against terrorism…Hezbollah is a group accepted and trusted by the people of Lebanon.”

In addition to increasing the voter turnout numbers during his speech, which cannot be independently verified, Rouhani also focused on the lack of an election in the land of its arch-enemy, Saudi Arabia.

“The word elections have no meaning for them (the Saudi government) and they have yet to see a ballot box. I hope one day the rulers of this country will allow their rule to not be hereditary,” said Rouhani.

As part of his speech, he also addressed Iran’s weapons programs. Rouhani emphasized yet again that Iran would not seek permission to pursue its missile projects and “if these missiles were not built some parties would be miscalculating, and plunged the region into war. Anytime we have a technical need to test-launch our missiles, we will do so. We accepted the nuclear deal to boost our defensive power.”

Rouhani’s stance was echoed by other Iranian leaders throughout the day. Iranian MP Hossein Naghavi shed light on the regime’s defiance. “We will not negotiate with anyone over the development of our missile technology, and we will not wait for the permission of no organization or country. We will continue efforts with all our might to increase the military output…the parliament has allocated $1.3 billon to strengthen the military foundation and this is considered a major leap forward,” said Naghavi, according to a report issued by the Fars news agency, which has ties to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) President-elect Maryam Rajavi said, “He neither wants, nor is able to alter the regime’s foundations and behavior.” It appears from these initial comments that the international community is in for more of the same from Iran.

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