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Iran’s sham presidential election and its social consequences in the future

With the election of Rouhani to a second term, the public showcase of Khamenei’s control of Iran is over. But the long reaching consequences for the regime have not ended. Rouhani’s election has not truly pacified the Iranian people. It has not solved the problems of a clear majority of a nation being crippled by the corruption and plundering of its government. No, instead, the Iranian people are being exposed to more evidence that the regime is not looking out for their best interests, but the interests of the regime and its ruling class.

Due to the massive amount of systematic embezzlement, theft, and corruption that was exposed during the presidential election debates, social protests are expected to increase in frequency and intensify in terms of the demands. Different groups of Iranians, through daily protests and rallies, have shown they are highly dissatisfied with the current economic conditions. These individuals are willing to push the government even more to obtain their lost rights. Even when faced with the repression and intimidation tactics of the regime, they refuse to cower.

While the IRGC is shooting and killing nomadic border residents, who are back carrying foreign made items from neighboring countries, the IRGC itself is importing illegal goods from its 114 harbors and its customs checkpoints. Some cabinet members of Rouhani are smuggling in illegal clothing items. Raisi’s chief campaign director is the owner of the largest foreign brands’ clothing mall. The Tehran mayor’s agents are slapping street vendors and turning over their vending carts. And, the mayor of Tehran is gifting 1.2 million dollars’ worth of land to his relatives. Every day, thousands of people are protesting that their properties have been looted by IRGC and its affiliated militia cooperatives.  There is no one the people can turn to for justice and the support for their rights.

During the election’s display between two of the regime’s loyalists, Ahmad Tavakoli  and Abbas Abdi in a speech explicitly confessed: “We are faced with a systemic network of corruption today. At this stage, the machinery and mechanisms who are responsible to steward and combat corruption, they also became to a certain degree a part of this corrupt system. They are closely protecting each other. Therefore, they became part of the continuation and sustainability of corruption.”

There were multiple revelations during the campaign, including:

  • Opportunities and wealth are in hands of 4%. As a result, 96% of the population do not have access to this wealth and these opportunities.
  • Class difference, seven units has increased in recent years.
  • Three million empty houses are right now in the country’s capital, which belong to the same wealthy 4%.
  • Eleven million young people are currently without housing. In order to make them home owners, at least one million housing should be built annually.
  • 16 million are marginalized in various cities.
  • More than 10 million of the population illiterate.
  • 450 thousand Rls. in subsidies during Ahmadinejad’s term is now worth 150 thousand Rls., which is less than 1/3 of its previous purchasing power.

The fact is that Khamenei was defeated in the engineering of this election show, because he couldn’t push through his choice of candidate and had to settle for Rouhani. All his propaganda media, such as the IRGC, affiliated IRGC militia, Astan-e-Qods and its vast assets, were lined up to pull out Raisi as president from the ballot box. Due to fear of uprising, he chose Rouhani for a second term. The crack in his regime was heard loudly throughout Iran, although the international community has failed to acknowledge that Khamenei’s power is weakening.

Khamenei wanted to unify his regime with the election of an executioner, but he failed. This is a very big failure for the entire system, because a weaker Khamenei is the result of this whole display. On the other hand, Rouhani was also uncovered. The debates have exposed him as a trickster, liar and accomplice in the crimes and thefts of the government. Therefore, it was obvious in this situation that Khamenei and his faction’s total fear and horror were an exact reflection of the explosive condition of the society regarding these issues of thefts and plunder.

Consider the following examples:

According to the May 3rd, 2017, issue of the Tasnim, Heydar Moslehi, the intelligence minister during Ahmadinejad, said: “The rebellious uprising of 2009 had long-term goals and still has not stopped. It still continues by means of some of our enemies. Enemies of the regime see the election as an opportunity to overthrow the revolution.”

The States Fars News Agency on May 9,2017 published part of an open letter from a Khamenei’s loyalist named Parviz Sheikhtadi, which stated, “You are sitting on a barrel of gun powder, which has long been lighted … I make you afraid of armies full of anger and frustration at the gates of the cities … behind your palaces; your adjoining neighbors. I make you afraid of millions; the old, young, bankrupt, and affected people and children are waiting to light up a spark, which is going to burn dry and wet …”

The regime fears the people and their power. So, they will continue to clamp down ever harder to attempt to maintain control over Iran and their source of financial gain, the Iranian people.

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