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Zarif Admits to Regime’s Knowledge of Attack on Saudi Embassy

On May 4, when Foreign Minister Zarif gave a speech in honor of Teacher’s Day, he explained the foreign policy of the regime, referring to what he called “badly managed” events, including the attacking of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran by regime mobs and the attack on the Saudi Consulate in Mashhad and inadvertently admitted that all the leaders of the regime knew about the attack, even while they all said they were opposed to the attack.

“On the day of the attack on the Saudi Embassy, we were in the Supreme National Security Council meeting and we all agreed that if the Saudi Embassy is attacked, it gives an excuse for a new mischief by the Saudis, and this is what happened,” said Zarif.

The regime has called the attack something done by thugs, an “attack of angry people” and denied any organized movement in this regard. Yet, this admission by the Foreign Minister indicates that top officials, including the President, the Speaker of Parliament, the Head of the Judiciary, Vice President, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council and Khamenei’s representative in the Council and others, were aware of the attacks. It is evidence that the attack was organized and was carried out with the knowledge of the highest-level regime officials, despite claims that the Supreme National Security Council was unable to prevent the attacks.Saudi Arabia embassy attack

The turning political atmosphere in the U.S. has also made the situation with Iran more problematic. The Obama administration had attempted to reach out to the regime, whereas the Trump administration has been critical of the 2015 nuclear deal and sent out strong warnings to Iran. American policy has also shifted in Syria, where Iran is backing Assad with troops, training and weapons.

The U.S. government attacked Assad after his recent chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians. Zarif indicated that the regime fears the next steps of the Trump administration in Syria.

“When Mr. Trump became the U.S. President, some said Trump had internal problems and would not want to enter crises abroad. One incident, the chemical situation in Syria, which is even worse if it is fake, caused the U.S. program to change 180 degrees. Now some say it was predetermined…whatever it was, whether a conspiracy or design, caused the history to change. An incident in Syria caused the upset and this is due to situation of international relations. During the bipolar era, it was not seen often that an incident could change the course of history. So we need to pay attention to these developments and analyze it,” said Zarif.

For Iran, its meddling in the region has continued to come to light and it has the potential to increase Iran’s international isolation once again.

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