Iran: Foreign Organizations Call on Iran to Stop Execution of 10 Young Inmates and Improvements in Human Rights

Iran: Foreign Organizations Call on Iran to Stop Execution of 10 Young Inmates and Improvements in Human Rights

On Saturday morning, April 29, ten young men were transferred to solitary confinement within the Gohardasht prison in Karaj. These young men are facing execution and their transfer was part of a brutal attack on some of the wards within the prison. The attack was meant to intimidate prisoners and prevent their protests. It was led by Yousef Mardi, the head of intelligence security at the prison, Major Zolfali, chief of police and prison guards and the head of Ward 10.

Yet these were not the only young men to face this type of brutal treatment in the last few weeks. On April 27, a 27-year-old was sentenced to amputation of his hand on charges of theft. The young man was forced to steal due to extreme poverty and the need to cover the cost of dialysis for his two children who suffer from kidney disease.

Another prisoner was executed on April 18th at Adel Abad prison in Shiraz. His hand had been amputated 10 days before his execution. The death penalty that is carried out for many of these young people without the benefit of a fair trial with legal representation. When they do receive a lawyer, many have been intimidated into not doing their job to the fullest, thus leaving their clients with no real representation at all. The executions may also be carried out publicly, primarily by hanging.



Despite his calls of being a moderate, President Rouhani has shown his true colors by continuing the policy of oppressing the Iranian people through crackdowns on protests, increasing executions, arrests of various activists, torture and ill-treatment in prisons and by authorities. Iran also continues to execute those convicted on drug charges, which are a non-violent crime. These executions violate international law, which has made these crimes unpunishable by death. It is clear that Iran’s regime will stop at nothing to remain in power, even by executing young men and ignoring international laws and treaties.

The Iranian Resistance has called on the international community to pressure Iran to save the lives of these ten young men and potentially countless others. They ask all international human rights organizations to condemn these crimes and to take immediate and effective measures to stop them. Any economic and political ties with this inhumane regime should be made conditional upon the improvement of the human rights situation in Iran.

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