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Iran: Sentence of Execution Can Include Amputation

For individuals sentenced to death in Iran, the severity of their sentence can be compounded by the additional sentence of an amputation. These amputations take place often just days before the execution, which is often completed by means of hanging.

One man, who was a convicted thief named Hamid Moeini, was found guilty of alleged theft and murder. He was sentenced to hand amputation and death in mid-December 2016, according to the state-run Khabar Online website.

On April 7th, he was executed in Shiraz Adelabad Prison, which is in the southern part of the country. Iranian authorities had his hand amputated 10 days before his execution, thus completing that part of his sentence. These brutal punishments are not being made public by judiciary officials. It is also worth noting that two other inmates were also hanged on Tuesday. Prior to the executions, most prisoners are transferred to solitary confinement. At least 14 inmates have been transferred to solitary confinement in Rajayishahr Prison, which is west of Tehran, in preparation for their executions.

Another prisoner was reportedly executed at Bandar Abbas Central Prison on drug related charges on April 16. Sources close to the situation have identified the prisoner who was executed as Mohammad Sajdin. He was reportedly sentenced to death by the revolutionary court in Bandar Abbas.

But these are just a few of the examples of a regime’s brutal treatment of prisoners, many who were sentenced without legal representation. Executions are routinely part of the sentence for many individuals who have committed non-violent crimes. However, even when the crimes are violent in nature, the treatment prior to their sentence being carried out is akin to torture.

At least 197 individuals have been executed in Iran since the beginning of 2017. Not all executions are made public. One inmate was reportedly hanged on drug-related charges in Borujerd Prison, west of Tehran. His execution was the second recorded one in that facility and was carried out in the first week of the Persian calendar year and Iranian national celebration. He was imprisoned for six years on drug-related charges.

Sixty percent of all executions in Iran are not reported by the judiciary and are thus regarded as secret executions. The rate of executions is one every seven hours, at a per-capita rate higher than any other country in the world. Iran has been labeled among the top executioners, according to Amnesty International annual report.

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