Kurdish Parties of Iran Boycott The Presidential Elections

Photo : @ rudaw.net

The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) tweeted that they were urging Kurds to boycott the election. Khamenei said in March that he would confront anyone trying to interfere in the elections. Critics have accused Rouhani of sidelining the Kurdish areas of Iran, despite promises of broader national and religious rights in Iran. Unemployment rates remain high in the Kurdish areas of Iran, even higher than the rates of the rest of the country.

“We discussed this question in detail. The opinions were very close to one another. They were almost the same. We all argued that this so-called election is happening in very undemocratic conditions. We can in no way call this a free election,” said Ibrahim Alizadeh, secretary general of Komala, the Kurdish communist party in Iran. “Hence, it is better for the people of Kurdistan not to participate in the show, which takes place on May 19. This was the opinion of all parties.”


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