Tunisian Denies Remarks Attributed by Iran

Tunisian Presidential Spokesman Reza Buqazi denied the remarks attributed by Iran to Tunisian President al-Baji Qaed al-Sabasi in his meeting with Tehran’s Minister of Culture and Guidance.

Iran’s state-run media quoted al-Sabasi saying, “Iran is a supporter of the Islamic World against the Zionist regime,” adding he hoped all Arab and Islamic countries would stand shoulder to shoulder with Iran in this face-off.

The Iranian regime has historically used its state-run media to build support among the Iranian people, by claiming international support where none exists. The mullahs are known to use this tactic, particularly when they are feeling threatened or under attack in various international political forums.

The Tunisian Presidential Spokesman said the President during his March 31st meeting with Iran’s Minister of Culture and Guidance, discussed the need for Iran’s positive cooperation, the necessity for Iran to improve its behavior in the region, and practice measures of dialogue and cooperation to peacefully resolve the wars in Syria and Yemen in order to establish stability in the region, according to a Tunisian state news agency.

Iran has been under intense scrutiny in light of recent tape exposing the 1988 massacre on an international stage and evidence showing Iran’s support of terrorism in various countries within the region. The National Council of Resistance of Iran has also issued a report demonstrating that Iran is actively training forces through IRGC camps in Iran, before dispatching them back to Syria, Yemen and other regional areas of instability.

Various opposition groups appear to initially welcome assistance from Iran, not recognizing where it will ultimately lead. Syrian activists have also started a campaign to blacklist the IRGC and label it as a terrorist organization on the international stage.

The idea that the Tunisian president would support Iran and these actions is almost laughable, in light of the continued international pressure on Iran for these activities.

Due to their warmongering and exporting of terrorism and fundamentalism to neighbouring and regional countries, including Muslim states across the globe, the regime’s reputation continues to sour and Iran remains isolated within the international community.

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