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IRGC Terrorists Arrested in Bahrain

Bahrain security forces have arrested a terror cell that plotted to assassinate various senior government and community figures on March 26, according to the Al Arabiya. The suspects were arrested on Sunday.

During security operations, according to a statement from Bahrain’s interior ministry, investigations revealed that the extremist group worked under direct supervision in terms of financing, planning and implementation of attacks by two known extremists: Mortadha Majeed al-Sindi and Qassim Abdullah Ali.

Several of those arrested were shown to have received military training at the IRGC camps in Iran. These camps were exposed earlier this year by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). The camps were set up to train mercenaries to fight on behalf of Iran in the Syrian Civil War; to train terror proxies, such as Hezbollah; and to train small terror cells in countries where Iran is not currently active.

Iran also continues to pour troops into Syria and Yemen, thus continuing efforts to undermine the stability of the region. Critics have said that calling Iran a stabilizing force is almost laughable, as it continues to interfere in other sovereign states throughout the region, either actively with troops and mercenaries or by means of terrorist cells.

In Bahrain, those arrested on Sunday included members of the group that were responsible for a bomb attack that struck a bus carrying Bahrain police in late February. That incident left four officers injured.

It is notable that earlier this month, Bahrain uncovered what it called a terrorist cell and arrested 25 individuals so far, with 16 others charged in absentia. This cell has been linked to at least six operations inside the tiny Gulf Island kingdom.

“The terrorist cell planned to assassinate security forces in Bahrain with coordination from Iran,” according to sources of the Al Arabiya News Channel.

Several weapons, home-made explosive devices, and munitions were also found when a security operation to arrest individuals belonging to the cell were carried out. One of the members reportedly confessed that they have been receiving instructions from a leader in Germany who has been organizing their travel in and out of the country from Iran and Iraq.

“Some of the confessions that were extracted from members of the cells said that some of the group’s militants received training from grounds in Iraq. This poses questions to the Iraqi government on what needs to be done to ensure that these terrorist elements in Iraq do not plan further operations in Bahrain,” said Sawsan Al Shaer, a Bahraini writer.

This terrorist cell was also linked to a recent Jaw Prison break and the failed attempt of some prisoners to escape Bahrain and head to Iran.

Evidence seems to indicate that Iran is growing a network of bomb making facilities and weapons stores as part of its efforts to destabilize Bahrain. Bomb-making workshops have been exposed in several locations since 2015. Members of these cells are active through a variety of travel methods, including being dropped off by boat in Bahrain. In December 2016, for example, a group of men armed with AK-47s fled security forces. An address linked to their escape vehicle led Bahraini authorities to a new bomb-making workshop, where they found denotators and other equipment. Some of this equipment bore fingerprints of an individual wanted in regards to other bombing and arson attacks. Two individuals linked to that home were traced to Iran and their boat’s GPS showed numerous trips to Iran that traced back to February 2015.

It is clear that Iran and the IRGC have targeted Bahrain and are using these cells to undermine their government’s stability.

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