Iranian Women Activist Arrested

Farzaneh Jalali, an Iranian-Kurdish civil rights activist, has been held at a detention center in the city of Kermanshah since being arrested on February 23. The ministry’s agents arrested Jalali without a warrant while she was on her way to the Property Registration Office in Kermanshah, according to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network.

“Several agents tried to take Farzaneh Jalali into custody without a warrant outside the post office as she was heading to the Property Registration Office,” said the report. “The human rights activist resisted and was eventually forced into an unmarked car and taken away. Jalali was transferred to the Intelligence Ministry’s detention center at Meydan Naft Square and then agents carried out a search of her mother’s house and took away her personal belongings, including a laptop, books and handwritten material.”

Farzaneh_JalaliDue to her peaceful activism as a member of the Tehran University Islamic Students Association, Jalali was banned from continuing her studies at the graduate level in 2010. She had been admitted to the university holding one of the highest entrance examination grades of her class.

She has been active in her community. As recently as 2012, she was helping elementary students who had suffered severe burns in a fire that destroyed their school in the village of Shinabad, in West Azerbaijan Province.

Jalali has contacted her family, letting them know where she is being held. This is just one example of how the Iranian regime has restricted human rights and actively worked to limit the freedom of activists who are working for the people in opposition of the regime. Other activists have been sentenced to public floggings, endured torture or long prison terms often with no trials.

Other groups that have been targeted include journalists and dual citizens. These include women Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who was arrested at the Tehran airport after visiting her mother. Her daughter’s passport has been confiscated, so she is not able to return to England and her father. She has also been sentenced to a five-year term, but still has no clear charges from the Iranian government.

Shahnaz Akmali, who was a political prisoner arrested in January 2017, has disappeared after her arrest. According to her family, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has made no information available.

These three women are just a small sampling of the women, who must deal with the oppression of their human rights on a daily basis in Iran.

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