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People protests in Shadgan, Iran

The state of Iran has been shaken up by protests in the city of Shadgan since Thursday, the 9th of February. According to hra news State Security Forces were chasing two evaders on motorcycles through the city in the Khuzestan Province, when an uninvolved person was shot to death. The bystander was called Hassan Albogeish and seems to have died immediately after a bullet hit his head, while the two people on the motorcycles were injured. It appears to be unclear at this point why State Security Forces were chasing them through the city.


The situation in the city, that lies in the very South West of the country, quickly escalated as people started protesting against the unnecessary death of the young man and arbitrary police action in general. Reports state that the police headquarter of Shadgan was set on fire during the protests. The city of Shadgan, which counted about 50,000 inhabitants in 2006, has apparently been shaken up since then. It appears that the victims’ families will not be allowed to organize a traditional funeral ceremony, which adds even more fuel to the fire. They will be able to bury their loved ones in Qom though, a city that is considered holy by Shiites because it is home to the shrine of Imam Reza’s sister, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. It is hoped that the victims’ family will be able to mourn their loved ones gracefully and that the tense situation in Shadgan will not claim any more victims.

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