Women behind European nations

By Tom Fisher

Women have not been very visible in the political scene of France, for still unexplainable reasons. They have always been behind European nations when it comes to asserting their presence and claiming their right to be represented. They are trailing when it comes to empowerment all over the world, but it’s good that things are finally changing little by little.

Considering that some women have overtaken men in the tech industry nowadays, it’s good to know that French women are slowly gaining their foothold as well.

In France, women were only able to vote and serve in local politics in 1944. Women earned their right to suffrage in the United States in the year 1920; Britain and Germany in 1918; and Sri Lanka in 1931. In addition, there were very few French women in office. By 1997, women made up about 11 percent of deputies and only 5.9 percent of senators.

In Scandinavian countries, women are achieving more significant female representation in Parliament. In Sweden there are 43 percent women; 35 percent in Iceland, and 32 percent in Switzerland. The latter is impressive since the Swiss women had to wait until 1971 before they were finally allowed to vote. While the case of France is not unheard of since women are still unrecognized as leaders in some Arab nations, even developing countries are faring much better than them.

This situation makes it even more difficult to become one of the women leaders in French politics since they are met by strong opposition in their own country. Among the most recognized names in French politics include Christine Lagarde, Rama Yade, Emmanuelle Cosse and Ségolène Royal.

Hopefully, French women reach the level of acceptance in the leadership arena as these top women in the information technology world in the near future. Our well-designed infographic will be an enlightening read.




Tom Fisher is an entrepreneur, author, and founder of InvestSmarter Publishing, a company that helps average individuals take advantage of the investing strategies of the wealthy.

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