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In Iran, not wearing a veil can now deny women many basic public services

The Women’s Committee of the National Council of the Resistance of Iran (NCRI) have reported that women in Iran are now forced to wear the chador, a traditional Iranian cloak worn by women, in order to use or receive public services.


Posters and banners have appeared around Iran dictating that women in Iran must wear the chador to access the National Library and the services of a health clinic. The poster outside the clinic reads “Beginning on July 23, 2015, this clinic will serve only women who wear the Chador.”


The above picture shows a billboard from the city of Chiardangeh featuring the words “My dear sister, these types of clothing are not suitable for Muslim women.”The poster forbids women from wearing clothes with logos or prints that contain writings in a foreign language and are thus considered to be “un-Islamic”.

Iranian politicians and religious leaders have been known to make dramatic and often outlandish claims about the effect of women’s dress on natural events, among other occurrences.


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