New from within Iran: Village bulldozed, political prisoner launches hunger strike, and the problem of suicide in Iran grows

Iranian state police destroyed a residential village last Wednesday, July 27, according to residents, leaving many residents homeless.

The impoverished village of Komb-e Moradabad, located in the Central District of Chabahar County on the southeastern shores of Sistan and Baluchestan Province,  had many of its homes destroyed by bulldozers sent by state security forces.


According to residents, the demolition proceeded took place without a warrant while residents and onlookers protested helplessly. The Iranian government has said that the homes were built illegally.

The scene echoed similar events from earlier this year, when an entire Sunni village was bulldozed by the Iranian state.

Political prisoner Ebrahim Nouri goes on hunger strike in Evin Prison

Political prisoner Ebrahim Nouri has been on hunger strike in Evin Prison, where he is being held, since July 28th, according to a letter he released this week.ebrahim400.jpg

Nouri, who is an ethnic Iranian Azeri, is one of thousands of Azeris who have been detained as part of Iran’s targeted political arrests. The arbitrary arrest of Azeris has sparked protests across the country last Tuesday and Thursday, the 26th and 28th of July.

In his letter, Nouri said:

 “The legal conduct has been my path to struggle from the moment of arrest until now. Unfortunately, due to lack of legal consequence, I will embark on a political conduct in addition to my legal conduct in the second phase. Therefore, for the realization of our legitimate rights and to achieve the proper result, I will go on hunger strike and I will not stop my protest even I reach the brink of death.”

According to the NCRI, Ebrahim Nouri was arrested and transferred to prison in Ahar on July 17. He was charged for taking part in a gathering, collusion against national security, anti-regime propaganda, and encouraging protests.

Modernist poet Ebrahim Valipour commits suicide in Ahvaz

Ebrahim Valipour, an Iranian poet, committed suicide on Wednesday, July 27th, reports indicate. He parked his car in front of the University of Medical Sciences of Ahvaz and rolled up the car’s windows before taking his own life.

Before committing suicide, he created a post on his Instagram account entitled “It is closed”. “Maybe it is the end of the game”, he wrote in the message. “I had to find a better role”.

His last lines of poetry before committing suicide were found:

“Pour Bethadin

On the things that descend

In despair and fear

That in any part of my open wound

A pair of eyes is exposed

Please don’t touch my blames”

Suicide is on the rise in Iran due to the spread of poverty and despair due to the current economic and political climate in Iran.

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