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Hundreds of agroindustrial workers gather in Mahabad, Iran to protest deferred wages

For more than ten days, hundreds of workers in the agroindustrial sector have been assembled in Mahabad, a Kurdish-majority city in West Aberzeijan province, north-western Iran. They have been protesting the deferment of wages, a cause echoed by other protests and workers’ movements across Iran as the country suffers a deep and widening economic recession.

Some workers in the livestock, agricultural, and industrial sectors have not received payment for more than 14 months, said the workers, while only provisional payments have been given to the rest. The workers are unable to afford daily living expenses, leading to quality-of-life and financial problems.

The strike is not expected to end unless workers’ demands are met.

Previous reports on the state of workers’ rights in Iran have highlighted ongoing abuses by the state and its associated security apparatus. The World Organization Against Torture has noted the arbitrary detention of activists, the breakup of peaceful protests, and the repression of workers’ voices in Iran.

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