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French, Arab, Italian, and European delegations, among others, pledge support at “Iran Freedom” rally

High political figures and representatives of Parliaments standing along side Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, elected president of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, and expressing their support for the Iranian resistance during the Free Iran Rally today in Paris, 9 July 2016. This year's Free Iran will feature a series of national delegations and distinguished military and government officials, together with notable activists and supporters, punctuated with artistic performances, showing the extent of international solidarity for the cause for Iranian freedom.

The “Iran Freedom” Grand Assembly in Le Bourget, France, held on July 9th, featured impassioned speeches by members of the international community. Pledging personal and national support to democratic transparency, human rights, and for the protection of Camp Liberty residents, they contributed to the overall feeling of unity and solitary that characterizes the annual event.

French Delegation

“I am speaking on behalf of my colleagues, all long-term friends of the Iranian Resistance and its president, Ms. Rajavi,” said Gibert Mitterand, president of France Liberty and friend of the Iranian Resistance.

“Mrs. Rajavi is the only choice for a free Iran with a peaceful relationship with the region.”

M. Mitterand’s support for a democratic Iran started 35 years ago when his father, François Mitterand, decided to welcome in France the members of the PMOI.

“We condemn the most recent attack on Camp Liberty; it should remind U.N. agencies and all governments their responsibility regarding such massacres and conflicts, and it should cause them to draw solutions. I pay tribute to the brave initiative of Albania, which has given a remarkable example to all of us.

“For us French, these values go hand in hand with our daily work, for it was written in the 1789 constitution; we cannot expect relations between states to be limited only to business relations; so now, we say it loud: “no” to executions in Iran, “no” to the executions of workers who are pleading for their rights; “no” to women who do not wish to wear the veil. We are supporting a democratic and free Iran with all our forces.

“Today, the heart of the Iranian people is beating in the Bourget…Many French people have their hearts beating right next to yours, so that as soon as possible your country will find a way to democracy. And as a French parliamentarian, we will work together to support the admirable fight of Ms. Rajavi and all of her supporters.”

Presentation by European personalities

Alejo Vidal-Quatras (president of International Committee in Search of Justice)

“I have been attending these gatherings, and I am delighted that they have such a big impact in Iran. Even political prisoners send messages of solidarity for this rally. Our heart is with them.

“The Iranian Regime has tried to prevent politicians from attending this event today. They always do, and they always fail. Their weapons are falsity and crime. Our weapons are truth, courage, faith, and freedom. This is why the final victory will be ours.

“Secret police have targeted former members of the PMOI. We call on European governments to find and expel these agents of the regime. Let me conclude by saying that I’m hopeful and optimistic for the future; the regime is extremely weak, and that is why it tries to hide this weakness by sponsoring terrorism. But Iran wants and needs change.”

Adrianus Melkert, former leader of Dutch Labour Party:

“This is what all of us here want: to make change happen, and this is what we will continue to bring together, here in Paris, as long as it will take, every year.”

Referring to the Camp Liberty attacks, he said “It was a heinous crime, and it should be condemned by the international community.

“Fortunately, over the past year we have seen that some of the Camp Liberty residents have left the camp behind and find a home in that country that truly deserves respect and gratitude for providing hospitality: Albania.

“Albania offers a shining example of a welcoming attitude in an era that in many parts of the world, receiving refugees is no longer considered a moral imperative and a legal obligation. I would like to congratulate the government of Albania and the Albanian people for showing the way.

“We know that there is still an unforgiving sense of revenge that puts the lives and property of the still-remaining residents at the highest possible risk, and we wonder why the international community does not want to act more forcibly, and more credibly. How on earth it has been possible over the past years that Baghdad airport resumes its normal functions with a humanitarian disaster on its doorstep? Everyone flying over, no one stopping by. This cannot and should not continue.”

He called on the U.N. to do more than stand by, and for the Secretary General to show personal engagement and create lasting guarantees for life and property. He called for an “assertive stance” from the international community.

Giulio Maria Terzi, former Italian Foreign Minister:

“Once again, we convene in this wonderful gathering to express our staunch determination to fight for liberty and freedom…we do so while our friends at Camp Liberty have just days ago been attacked once again.

“This savage attack demonstrates the mullah’s fear of the resilient freedom fighters who want nothing else but democracy and human rights. The mullahs want the Camp Liberty residents to either give up their struggle and surrender, or to be exterminated.” Yet, he said, the vast majority of Iran wants freedom and is proud of their brothers at Camp Liberty.

“The 4th of July attack shows once again our urgent need to protect the camp, transferring residents out of Iraq as speedily as possible. The situation has to be resolved immediately. These continuous, heinous attacks have to stop.”

Following Mr. Terzi was the Delegation of Arab nations led by former Prime Minister of Algeria Sid Ahmed Ghoali.

Saleh al-Qalab, former Minister of Culture and Publicity of Jordan, spoke first.

“We use this opportunity of the diverse international presence to say, we are all in our countries fighting terrorism, and we should fight terrorism in all its forms, be it religious, mental, or institutional. These hurt humanity and work against human feelings. I say to Iranian people, inside and outside Iran: search for Freedom, even if you have to wait. You will reach freedom one day, because of you people here now.”

“The Iranian people will gain their victory,” said Atef Makhalif, an Egyptian Member of Parliament. “The traitors will be defeated. Iran is free. Iran is for the Iranian people, and the Iranian people are you. My dear brothers, after the year of 1979, I went to Iran. The first [station] I entered was the [station] of Mujahideen.”

“No matter how different, we are all Arabs here with you.”

“Why is the money of the Iranian people being spent on terrorism? It should be spent on hospitals, on roads, on schools. Iran will return to its place as a leading country in the area based on freedom, democracy, and schools.”

“All of Iran is in Camp Liberty; all of Iran is suffering. All of Iran is being bombed and slain and tortured. But people always win. Victory is always for people. Iran will be victorious. It will conquer. The Mujahiden represent the Iranian people, and they will be victorious. See you all; see you in Tehran. The victory will come.”

Mohammed Allahham, Member of the Palestinian Legeslative Council, who was joined by delegations from 12 Arab countries, said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, people who are here in this great gathering: we are with the Iranian Resistance. We come from everywhere, diplomats, parliamentarians, from everywhere, fighting for freedom.”




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