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Delegation of former U.S. officials at “Iran Freedom” rally: “Since Iran’s leaders won’t change, it’s time to change Iran’s leaders”

This year's Free Iran rally, held in Le Bourget, France on July 9, will feature a series of national delegations and distinguished military and dignities, together with notable activists and supporters, punctuated with artistic performances, showing the extent of international solidarity for the cause for Iranian freedom.

The 2016 “Iran Freedom” Grand Assembly, held in Le Bourget, France, was attended by multiple delegations of former U.S. officials who landed their words and support to the event.

Colonel Wes Martin lead the delegation of former U.S. military officials.

General George Casey, a retired U.S. Army general who also served as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, was the first speaker.

“In my first days in Iraq, it didn’t take me long to figure out that the United States and Iran had diametrically opposed objectives,” he said. “We were seeking to empower a democratically elected Iraqi government that respected the rights of all ethnic and sectarian members of Iraqi society. Iran, for some reason, didn’t want a country like that on its borders. So they used everything that they had. They bought political power by giving money to Iraqi politicians and political parties. They bought public support by giving economic aid, particularly in the south of the country. And they continuously fomented sectarian violence.

“Iran is also responsible for the death of thousands of coalition forces and thousands of Iraqis… Any regime that uses terror to accomplish its objectives is a threat not only to its own population, but to the international community.”

General Charles Wald said “it is time for the mullahs of Iran to become responsible…to become accountable to the rest of the world. And it is time for residents of Camp Liberty to go to Albania or somewhere else where they are safe. And what we need above all is leadership, and Maryam Rajavi has that leadership.”

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge spoke at the rally as part of the Delegation of Former U.S. Officials.

“The Ayatollah and his hand-picked leaders have been throwing the great country Iran to the wind since 1979”, he said. “We all know the regime hasn’t changed its behavior since it duped the western world into lifting sanctions and depositing a hundred billion dollars in the central bank of terrorism. That they are the epicenter of Middle East instability, the genocide in Syria, the civil war in Iraq. Since Iran’s leaders won’t change, it’s time to change the leaders.”

Phillip Crowley, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, said that “in this room we have ideas; in this room we have emotion; in this room we have power.

I come from a country that is the most powerful country on Earth; but in this case a very small country has made a very big difference. God bless Albania.”

“Putting the Middle East together again will be the work of a generation; but just when we have no hope, we return to Paris,” he said, referring to the annual meeting.

The head of the delegation was Robert Torricelli, a former U.S. Senator from New Jersey from the Democratic Party. In his signature hoarse and powerful voice he expressed his appreciation for Albania’s housing of PMOI members and for the enthusiasm of the crowd.

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