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Attendees of July 9 “Iran Freedom” rally condemn Camp Liberty attacks, express solidarity with Iranian citizens

This year's Free Iran rally, held in Le Bourget, France on July 9, will feature a series of national delegations and distinguished military and dignities, together with notable activists and supporters, punctuated with artistic performances, showing the extent of international solidarity for the cause for Iranian freedom.

Among the various delegates and distinguished personages in attendance at Saturday’s “Iran Freedom” Grand Assembly in Le Bourget, France, several common themes were echoed by nearly all parties.

Among them was condemnation of the July 4 attacks on Camp Liberty, Iraq, arriving just days before the rally. The attacks, the fifth of its kind launched against the Iraqi camp for PMOI members expelled from Iran, created massive damage and injured over 50 people. Speakers at the rally urged the international community, including the United Nations and the United States, to ensure the future protection of Camp Liberty residents. They also joined in the call of Amnesty International for a prompt, independent investigation into the attacks.

The Right Revered John Bishop, a Bishop with the Church of England, condemned the attacks on Camp Liberty and echoed the sentiments of over 400 British MPs who joined in this condemnation.

He also praised the pride and dignity of the Camp Liberty inhabitants. “I call on our government, the United Nations, and the United States, to guarantee the safety of these residents and expedite their placement to somewhere outside of Iraq.”

Effusive praise for Albania’s housing of PMOI refugees was given by several speakers.

Adrianus Melkert, former leader of the Dutch Labour Party, said that “over the past year we have seen that some of the Camp Liberty residents have left the camp behind and find a home in that country that truly deserves respect and gratitude for providing hospitality: Albania.

“Albania offers a shining example of a welcoming attitude in an era that in many parts of the world, receiving refugees is no longer considered a moral imperative and a legal obligation. I would like to congratulate the government of Albania and the Albanian people for showing the way.”

Another shared message was the belief that regime change in Iran is both possible and urgently desired.

“All of Iran is in Camp Liberty; all of Iran is suffering,” said Saleh al-Qalab, former Jordanian Minister of Culture. “All of Iran is being bombed and slain and tortured. But people always win. Victory is always for people. Iran will be victorious. It will conquer. The Mujahiden represent the Iranian people, and they will be victorious. See you all; see you in Tehran. The victory will come.”

Alejo Vidal-Quatras, President of the International Committee in Search of Justice, said “the Iranian Regime has tried to prevent politicians from attending this event today. They always do, and they always fail. Their weapons are falsity and crime. Our weapons are truth, courage, faith, and freedom. This is why the final victory will be ours.”

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