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Expulsion of Daesh (ISIS) from Fallujah can validate the Iranian regime’s venal corruption and genocidal policy against Sunnis

President of the European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA) Struan Stevenson in a report to The Media Express news agency is calling for the ‘expulsion of the Iran [regime] and its agents from Iraq.’

Mr. Struan Stevenson was president of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq from 2009 to 2014. He backs up his remarks saying ‘[the] Iranian-led militias have sectarian objectives in Fallujah.’

After four weeks of vicious fighting, Shi’ia militias and units of the Iraqi army, aided by US coalition airstrikes, led to global news source on Wednesday, 22 June, reporting the words of an Iraqi commander say ‘about 2,500 ISIS militants have been killed in Fallujah’ with over 30,000 civilians displaced.

But the complexity of reclaiming Fallujah from the claws of Daesh (ISIS) Mr. Stevenson says is ‘cack-handed’ and ‘leading to boys from the predominantly Sunni enclave being ruthlessly detained and tortured by the Shi’ia militias’, the very army said to be working to eradicate Daesh (ISIS) but which on it’s flip-side harbors its own barbaric sectarian objectives. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 15.12.37Twitter: @iraqmoon1010

In a tweet illustrating the devastation, showing an image vacant of people, evidence of civilians fleeing the crumbling metropolis from @iraqmoon1010

‘ghost city the houses of Sunni Civilians destroyed by Shia Militias airstrikes #Fallujah #warcrimes @SJRTooting

Questions are hanging over the role of international community in turning a blind eye to the consequences that come from Daesh (ISIS) suffering serious setbacks and facing ultimate defeat. These are related to the Iran regime’s meddling in Iraq and which Mr. Stevenson points to ‘a clear backing for the genocide of the Iraqi Sunni population which has driven the country to the brink of disintegration.’

Furthermore a former head of the UN human rights office in Iraq in charge of the Camp Ashraf dossier in the UN, Dr. Tahar Boumedra, spoke to The Media Express news agency, critical of the Iranian regime’s destructive discord amongst the Gulf states.

“Acknowledging the sectarian tensions in Iraq between Sunni’s and Shi’ia Muslims and Iran’s ongoing military support of Shi’ia militia Dr. Boumedra said: ‘it is not a surprise because the Iranian constitution makes it a state obligation for the mullahs to interfere in the regional affairs. To send the Revolutionary Guards to assist their allies in the region like in [Syria and] Iraq, and in indeed in Yemen. So this sort of attitude is entrenched in the Iranian constitution.”

The outcome is that by battling to recapture Fallujah from Daesh (ISIS) creates a vacuum for the Iranian regime’s proxy support of Shi’ia militia to continue systematic sectarian human rights’ violations against Sunnis in Iraq but also throughout the region. The objective of the Iranian mullahs’ regime is to purge Sunnis from the political scene with brutal oppression under the guise of combatting Daesh (ISIS).

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