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Iranian FM invited to Oslo Forum to share experiences of peacemaking

Finstadjordet, Norway 14/06/2016 - Iranians demand Norway to confront Javad Zarif, Iranian regime's Foreign Minister, on human rights abuses in Iran and to stop executions.

On June 14th 2016, the Norwegian Minister for foreign affairs Mr Børge Brende will receive around 100 prominent mediators of armed conflict and peace process for the 2016 Oslo Forum.

Iranian Foreign Minister’s name, Javad Zarif, is also on the list of those invited to the talks.

Yesterday evening former Norwegian MP Mr. Lars Rise agreed on the need to include Iran in the talks as the perpetrator of war crimes, but questioned the motivations of the International Community, stating that “if the dialogue was about all the atrocities and all the terrorists acts planned in Tehran that day, or putting the cards on the table on all the bad and evil things they are executing from week to week, then of course it would be a fruitful dialogue. But to invite them as a sort of expert on peacemaking is just really shameful.”

In May 2016 alone, a total of 64 people were executed by the Iranian regime. Many of these executions happened on the very same days as trade deals were being discussed between Iran and EU countries.

In response to Javad Zarif’s visit to Oslo, twitter users started campaigns with the hashtags #OsloForum #No2Rouhani and #FreeIran. During the afternoon, the Norwegian-Iranian community staged a protest with banners and chanting against Zarif’s presence at the Forum.


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