The great prison migration

The Iranian regimes prisons’ chief admitted in a statement that the country’s prisons are overcrowded, at least 600,000 Iranians are sent to prison every year leaving a large proportion of the prison population without beds and resorting them to sleep on the floor.

Asghar Jahangir, the prisons organization director general stated, “The capacity of prisons is 80,000 to 118,000. But there are currently 220,000 people being held.”

Iran is now ranked fourth in the world with for ratio of prisoners in relating to population, according to international statistics, the average incarceration rate is 148 people per 100,000 in contrast Iran currently stands at almost double that at 248 people per 100,000

Assdollah Imani, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s representative in Fars province, also told the meeting: “Uncontrolled migration, closed down production centres, and unemployment, are the cause of the prison problems.

The migration from rural areas to urban centres developed in the 1960s after the shah of Iran introduced land reforms (1964), but it’s exacerbated today by the regimes inadequate budgeting system said Rahmani Fazli, also adding “Allocation and distribution of resources in Iran is done according to population and activity which ultimately leads to places like Tehran attract more than 52 percent of the resources and areas such as Sistan and Baluchistan, or Ilam weak on resources.”

Jahangir added: “Some 9.5 million people live on the fringes of big cities. These people have left their homes and taken refuge there in the hope of a better life.”

The director general of the office for Rehabilitating and Organizing Unofficial Housing said that over 11 million Iranians live in informal settlements outside cities devoid of the most basic facilities

Rural-urban migration is considered one of the most important social and economic problems, leading to overpopulation of the cities and urban areas thus causing an increase in crime. And rather dealing with the causes Assdollah Imani is dealing with the effects by building more prisons, but by not addressing the root causes the prison population is feared to grow year by year.


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