300 retired Iranian telecommunications workers protest for labor rights

Last night (6 Jun 2016) 300 retired workers continued their protest outside Iran’s Telecommunications Industry (ITI) in Shiraz.

The exacerbated workers gathered to express their right to assembly; but also to demand their trusted guild representatives be invited and heard by the Fars province’s Labor Commission for specific answers about the fate of unpaid retirement packages for its members.

The Media Express news agency also has information of another workers’ gathering in the Lorestan province, 590km North-West of Shiraz, where telecommunications personnel are contesting the non-payment of their, already deferred, salaries.

But also the non-implementation of the mullahs’ regime’s reformist employment legislation job-classification scheme.

Workers throughout Iran continue protesting for their inalienable rights’ for employment security and sustenance. In May ahead of Iranian workers’ Labor Day rallies in Tehran and other cities Mrs. Rajavi, President-elect of the opposition pointed out that ‘60% of workers do not even receive their minimum wages’.

Mrs. Rajavi added that under the tenure of the Regime’s president Rouhani ‘workers, who have not yet lost their jobs, have not [yet] received their wages for months’, and that ‘[they] do not enjoy any job security.’

On Monday then protesters continued to express their discontent at unfulfilled promises on by the Iranian regime on promised labor reforms.

Speaking to the state-run Tabnak news agency in the Lorestan province one representative said in measured tone that ‘we protest against the postponement of our salaries in this recession, and more importantly, non-implementation of the legislation regarding job classification scheme.’

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