In Tabriz Iranian regime’s morality police crack-down on fashion shops.

On 31st May 2016 Iran’s public security police in East Azerbaijan Province raided store owners in the in the main city of Tabriz accusing 41 merchant shop owners of selling so-called unauthorized and anti-Islamic clothing, making the owner of these stores very furious.

The Media Express news agency has been told that Alireza Honardoost, the leader of the security police stressed that this act was carried out to stabilize and implement a plan to eliminate the so-called anti-Islamic fashions in clothing.

He also added: “Additionally, 64 pairs of so-called inappropriate clothes and mantos have been collected and removed from shops.”

The mantos, worn by fashion conscious Iranian women allow freedom of expression and individuality. However, the clerical regime’s morality police continue to target individual women across all generations for what’s called ‘mal-veiling’.

The measure to suppress merchant store owners is a pretext for the regime to further control female expression, especially of it’s fashion conscious youth influenced by social networks like Instagram which the regime claims does harm to the morality of the country’s population.

From a commercial standpoint clothing shop owners are furious and the move will impact their sales. The shop owners will be monitored by agents who also have forcibly obliged them to sign commitment and compliance regulations restricting the sale of mantos to only those which meet the clerical regime’s mandated style guidelines.

In a separate article reporting on the ‘Crackdown on women in Iran’ on April 8th an ‘ultra-conservative Iranian mullah posted on his Instagram page as a response to a question, “Is improper veiling worse or graft?” (‘graft’ in reference to ‘stealing’, and even ‘although a crime, is considered less severe than improper veiling for women). Leaving women in a dire situation who face day-to-day discrimination by the regime.


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