Maldives Cuts Ties with Iran, A Move Welcomed by Iran’s Opposition

The Republic of Maldives has cut all ties with Iran, its government said Tuesday, citing the Iranian government’s destabilizing policies in the Middle East.

The Foreign Ministry of the small Indian Ocean archipelago said that Maldives’ own peace and security are directly tied to that of the broader Middle East, and Iran’s actions have been “detrimental” to stability.

Iran’s Parliament in exile, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), welcomes this severing of ties, the latest move in a withdrawal of relations between Saudi Arabia’s allies and Iran.

“Cutting off diplomatic relations with the clerical regime is a positive and necessary step in confronting the urgent threat of fundamentalism and terrorism that has engulfed the region,” the NCRI said Thursday.

“The Iranian Resistance welcomes the severing of ties of Maldives’ government with the religious dictatorship ruling Iran”, it said of the decision.

Already-tenuous relations between

The Maldives has tarnished its reputation as an upmarket honeymoon destination in recent years because of prolonged political unrest and a crackdown on opponents (File Photo: Reuters)

Saudi Arabia and Iran were cut off completely when Saudi Embassy in Tehran was ransacked in January by Iranian protestors. The storming of the embassy came after Saudi Arabia executed a prominent Shiite scholar.


Maldives, a small Indian Ocean island country and archipelago, has seen increasing cooperation with Saudi Arabia in recent years. Saudi Arabia and its allies have increasingly ostracized Iran for what it views as volatile and peace-threatening behavior.

The country, which has seen its share of political troubles in recent years, has officially had diplomatic ties with Iran since 1975, although embassies and consulates have not been established between the two countries.

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