Profile of Rasoul Baddaghi, teacher, member of the Iran Teachers Guild Center

Arrested in early August 2009 and sentenced to six years behind bars for his guild activities. He was subsequently expelled from the education department and his sallies also cut off.

Rasoul is married and has three children.


Following the finalization of his ruling, his jail time was extended for another three years; one year for propaganda activities against the state, and two years for “insulting Khomeini and Khamenei”. He was finally released under various conditions after spending six years and 8 months behind bars. During this period he was given one day of furlough.

Peyman Haj Mahmoudzadeh, the lawyer of Mr. Abdi, says the teachers have committed no crimes and the allegations are simply not true. These individuals had staged protests aimed at improving living conditions for their colleagues and to fulfill the rights of their teachers with other government employees.

A few days after his release he went to a hospital to see his fellow cellmate, Mahmood Beheshti, who had been hospitalized due to his dry hunger strike. However, prison authorities prevented him from visiting Mr. Beheshti, attacked and arrested him once again.

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