Social and cultural investments rather than oil are the new Saudi aim.

Throughout April, the hastag #SaudiVision2030 has been illuminating conversations in the twitter-sphere in anticipation of the Saudi cabinet going public with its full text blueprint outlining ‘Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030’.
On Tuesday, the news site Al Arabiya reported reaction  s   from Saudi’s young people on the economic, social and cultural reforms and on subsidy cuts.
‘Mohammed, a young Saudi who works at the university, is positive about the reforms saying “it’s a good idea to open the economy. In the last two years there has been a lot of change”.’
The blueprint was made public after Monday’s endorsement by the Saudi cabinet, who agreed to back the activities outlined in the plan which tackles the normalization and modernization challenges related to the profile of the Gulf states more generally.
This vision of modernization hints that there ‘is no longer a place for totalitarian regimes or pastoral states,’ and instead of merely energy, it favors a more pluralistic economy balanced on public investment, human capital and national transformation.
The platform Arabian Veritas commented on it, saying it’s ‘a comprehensive plan to prepare the kingdom for the post-oil era.’

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The subsidy cuts in people’s minds and which are affecting people’s wallets are about water and fuel. Commenting on the consecutive leaders, Ahmed, a Saudi national who works in sales, said “expensive water and fuel is not new. Under King Fahd it was also expensive. Cheap water and fuel was a gift under King Abdullah, which is why everyone was so sad when he died”.’
Economic attractiveness alongside competitiveness are key features of the plan. Prince Sultan bin Salman, who heads up the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage also hopes tourism will be impacted positively.
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Hopes on promoting social and cultural openness feature in the Saudi Vision 2030 too, and tweets related to human rights included ‘Saudi is heading to an amazing future by its young [Deputy Crown Prince] Mohammed Bin Salman! Step 1 no more religious police.’

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Alongside which was also tweeted ‘a lot of people are looking forward to this day because they want their rights. I hope they don’t get disappointed #Saudivision2030.’

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The rights of women were also a prominent topic, on which a tweet commented ‘#Saudi women pin high hopes on National Transformation, part of #SaudiVision2030.’

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