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Measures to hold countries such as Iran accountable for terrorism.

On Monday, Bahrain’s Chief of Public Security Major-General Tariq Al Hassan from the Ministry of the Interior is reported to have inaugurated a regional workshop on uniting efforts to combat all terrorist organizations. The aim of the council, formed of GCC countries, is to ‘unite efforts in order to combat terrorism through [use of] legal tools.’

According to the report, the US-GCC workshop is an ‘implementation of the resolutions of the joint working group between Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE and the United States’ whose representatives met in Saudi Arabia in August.

The aims and outcomes of the workshop are outlined on the news site of the main opposition to the Iran regime, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK). Underlined is that the council ‘aims at dealing with countries that support terrorism, [including] Iran,’ hinting that ‘the amount of weaponries, explosives and support provided by these countries for the terrorist groups [have been] exposed.’

In combatting terrorism perpetrated by organized groups funded by regimes such as Iran’s, the council takes no consideration if they be Sunni or Shiite, and that although ‘ISIS is an ultra-radical terrorist organization’, it’s the Lebanese ‘so-called Hezbollah [that] is more dangerous.’

Another senior Bahraini official alongside Major-General Tariq Al Hassan who remained anonymous talked on the difficulties the council faces in dealing with Hezbollah, that in the Gulf and many Arab countries is classified as a terrorist organization. He said ‘the GCC States are putting much effort in order to cut its funding and prosecute whoever is affiliated to this group and sympathizes with it.’

Major-General Tariq Al Hassan also amplified the need to combat the rhetoric that percolates through as support for these terrorist organizations, noting that legal tools will be used to cut funding and prosecute including ‘recognized terror organizations as well as individuals proven to be supportive of or taking part in terrorist activities’.

Totalling 68 organizations designated as terrorist outfits, Hezbollah topped the list. And Bahrain’s Chief of Public Security added that ‘anyone possessing images, slogans, symbols or fundraises for any of these designated organizations would also be dealt with through the law.’

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