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10,000 truck drivers on strike demanding unconditional release of three fellow workers among protests of corruption in Iran’s Transport Organization.

A call for support from the National Council of Resistance of Iran on Tuesday was sent out by Mr. Abbas Davari, chair of the NCRI Labor Committee. The call urges ‘Iranian people, especially youths, to support and express their solidarity for hardworking truck drivers and their families.’

The call comes in response to the Iranian regime’s ‘arrest of three of the protestors instead of addressing their demands.’ Their arrests lead to seeing an additional 6000 truck drivers, in Shiraz, Esfahan and Yazd, assemble to strike in solidarity. Now in its seventh day, they join the 4500 truck drivers already on strike at the Bandar Abbas transportation terminal.

Alongside demanding the unconditional release of three of their fellow drivers there are further charges being made by the truck drivers and their supporters. The origin of their assembly to strike comes in response to the endemic corruption in Iran’s Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization (RMTO).

The call for support goes on to reveal that the RMTO shows favor by giving the regime’s elements ‘special privileges’ allowing them to avoid hideously long queue waiting times (which can otherwise last up to 20 days). Tired of ‘exhortation and brib[ery]’ the strike brings attention to the ‘immense pressure imposed by the Iranian regime on the drivers, and on the Iranian people in general’.

There were further comments about the Iranian regime and President Rouhani who ‘is only interested in extorting money from drivers using various pretenses’; like pressing them by imposing new taxes, in addition to ‘all sorts of commissions and charges’.

Mr. Abbas Davari chair of the NCRI Labor Committee reiterated that ‘while the Iranian regime spends billions of dollars of Iranian people’s wealth on its warmongering interventions, the deprived class of society only reaps poverty, misery, the pillage of their wages and oppression.’ He also called upon other agencies, including the International Labor Organization, who support drivers and laborers to ‘urge condemnation of this regime’.

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